Hack the Holidays with These Four Pringles Can Projects

Remember when the holidays were a time of pure, innocent joy, and the stress of last-minute gift wrapping and fighting through mall parking lots was something your parents had to deal with? Make your inner child proud by putting some wholesome fun and creativity back in the holiday season with these Pringles® can hacks »12/11/14 12:00pm12/11/14 12:00pm

Transform Pringles Cans and Your Office with Four DIY Projects

Oh work. It may help you with things like paying rent and saving up for a Caribbean vacation, but the whole "job thing" can wear on you – especially if your office is less than stimulating. But toiling away at the office doesn't have to be so...blah. With these four hacks (and some Pringles® cans) your cubicle will… »11/19/14 11:59am11/19/14 11:59am

Outrageous Ways To Get Back Into Peak Tailgating Form

The path to achieving peak tailgating form isn't so different from how football players get ready for the season — namely, hours and hours of scientifically optimized training sessions. Eventually you'll need to ditch the practice pads and diagram your tailgating game plan. Lucky for you, I've rounded up some pretty… »9/12/14 12:59pm9/12/14 12:59pm

Downtown Williamsburg's Spectacular Glowing Dome Is Open For Revelry

Last Thursday, Gawker Media threw its 4th-annual Silent Disco under the radiant, jeweled dome of Williamsburg's sprawling bank-turned-event space, Weylin B. Seymours. Revelers helped break in this gorgeous, newly renovated event space by striking a pose (or four) in the Bosco photo booth, snacking on Pringles® potato… »5/16/14 4:59pm5/16/14 4:59pm

Aspiring Artists and Sculptors: Win a Trip to NYC by Playing with Food

What would you make if you had unlimited access to Pringles® potato crisps and cans? A working pedicab? A life-sized replica of a certain Canadian mayor? This isn't a test: we really want to know. And if you tell us, there's a chance you can win a trip to NYC to attend Gawker Media's fourth-annual Silent Disco. And… »4/04/14 12:59pm4/04/14 12:59pm

Ask These Artists How to Make Pieces That Overstimulate the Senses [Updated]

Update: comments are now closed. Once you experience a work of art that invites you to rev a magical lawnmower or honk a vibrating VW Bug's horn, you may start wishing all art had at least a few buttons to press. So who thinks up these sensory overloads? Multimedia artists from collectives like Fall On Your Sword do –… »3/26/14 12:59pm3/26/14 12:59pm

Here’s What a Team of Artists Made Out of a Ton of Pringles Cans

It's not every day that one finds oneself in the presence of both an apocalyptic piano and a working pipe organ made entirely out of Pringles® potato crisps cans. But that's exactly what you'll find in the Brooklyn studio where mixed-media artist collective, Fall On Your Sword (FOYS), took on the challenge of using… »3/19/14 12:59pm3/19/14 12:59pm