Oh work. It may help you with things like paying rent and saving up for a Caribbean vacation, but the whole "job thing" can wear on you – especially if your office is less than stimulating. But toiling away at the office doesn't have to be so...blah. With these four hacks (and some Pringles® cans) your cubicle will become a creative oasis. Even DIY novices can master these projects. Just prepare for some serious snacking.

Office Organizer

This organizational hack will take the clutter out of your office life. Not only will your pens, paper clips, and mail have a stylish new home, you'll also save a ton of desk space thanks to the organizer's practical stacking style.


Perfect for: An inexpensive holiday gift for your office mate who's constantly asking to borrow a pen or pencil. Have more than one mooch in your office? Better start munching on those Pringles® crisps!

What You Need:

6 Pringles® crisps cans (time to feast!), X-Acto knife, scissors, pencil, Scotch tape, chop saw, bias tape, paper-backed canvas, spray adhesive, narrow rope ribbon, decorative paper, dimensional glue dots

How You Make It:

Step 1: Establish the desired angle for the front of the organizer by using the chop saw to cut off the top of the shortest Pringles® can (this will be at the top of the organizer) to the desired angle and length. Using the shortest can as your guide, cut the two middle cans so their top edge lines up with the bottom of the can above (the angle on the saw never needs to be changed). Repeat for the three bottom cans.

Step 2: Spray each can with adhesive and allow it to set on each can for about 30 seconds. Wrap the cans carefully with the paper-backed canvas. Use scissors to trim the canvas along the angled edge.


Step 3: Using fabric glue, start to fold the bias tape over the raw angle. Folding one inch at a time will allow you to pull the bias tape taut as you go. Wrap the front edge of every Pringles® can. Apply the same bias tape to the bottom of each can, but this time, keep the tape folded while pulling it taut.

Step 4: Roll the decorative paper into a cylinder shape that fits inside each Pringles® can. Push the paper to the back of the can with the seam at the top so it's hidden from view. Once in place, trace the angle edge of the can on the outside of the paper. Remove the paper and trim it ½" shorter than the traced line. Return the paper to the inside of the can, rotating it so that it is placed correctly along the angle (there should be about ½" of bias tape showing on the inside). Tack the paper seam with Scotch tape and secure the front edge of the paper with a dot of glue if necessary.

Step 5: To create envelope slots on the top can, use a pencil to mark the desired number and spacing. Cut slits using the X-Acto knife, and use narrow rope to trim the slots with fabric craft glue.

Step 6: To construct the organizer, start with the bottom row of Pringles® cans. Line the finished cans so the front edges and angles are aligned. Use dimensional glue dots to adhere the cans to one another. Repeat the process to bond the remaining cans.

Phone Speaker

Sure, your smart phone is cool and all but wouldn't it be cooler if it were powered by a Pringles® tube and some toilet paper? No really. This easy-to-make speaker will turn your desk into the new hot spot in the office. Drown out buzzing monitors and overactive printers as you jam out to your favorite tunes while typing away. Just make sure your ringtone isn't too embarrassing.


Perfect for: An impromptu office party. Bring on the plastic champagne flutes and sheet cake!

What You Need:

1 Pringles® can (emptied via snacking of course), X-Acto knife, craft glue, two pieces of quarter round wood molding, spray paint, three pieces of tulle rounds, 14" toilet paper.

How You Make It:

Step 1: Trim two pieces of quarter round mold to 7-8" in length. Place on a flat surface with round sides facing each other. Place Pringles® can on top of the molding and glue along the edge of the molding where it touches the can. Allow to dry fully before moving on.


Step 2: Make a slit 2" from the bottom of the can with the X-Acto knife. Use your phone to measure and adjust.

Step 3: Trim along the inside edge of the lid, leaving a narrow ring that can snap back onto the can. Place a small amount of glue around the top of the lid and cover with tulle, pulling it taut across the ring. Once the glue is set and the tulle is secure, repeat this step and layer the two remaining pieces of tulle.

Step 4: Allow the glue to set, then spray paint the lid and Pringles® can with your color(s) of choice, and let it dry.


Step 5: Remove the lid and evenly pack the toilet paper inside the can. Replace lid and start jamming!

Coin Bank

Come 3 o'clock, your sights (and your stomach) are probably set on a grande caffeine bomb or that candy bar in the break room vending machine. If you usually spend ten minutes scrounging for change while wondering how all your quarters magically disappears after you leave the coffee shop or deli, this Pringles® can-turned-piggy bank will be your salvation.


Perfect for: A company late jar. Anyone who comes in late has to put a 25-cent "late tax" into the piggy bank. At the end of the year, count it up and throw an office happy hour!

What You Need:

1 Pringles® can (yes, more snacking), X-Acto knife, ruler, adhesive back chalkboard paper

How You Make It:

Step 1: Lay out chalkboard paper from the top to the bottom of the Pringles® can and mark the height on the back of the paper. Using the ruler and pencil, draw a straight line along the marked height. Trim with the X-Acto knife.


Step 2: Roll the paper around the can and mark a ½" overhang. Remove from the can and trim along the marks.

Step 3: Remove 1" of adhesive backing along the height of the paper and adhere carefully to the can, making sure to keep the paper straight. Slowly remove the backing while pressing paper onto the Pringles® can until fully covered. Smooth the paper to the can as you go.

Step 4: Using the X-Acto knife, cut a quarter-size slot in the lid. Fill with the change that would otherwise end up in the washing machine, and buy yourself a much needed caffeine fix!

Hanging Planter

Let's face it – not all offices deserve a spread in a design magazine. But that doesn't mean you can't beautify where you can. Bring a little life to your cubicle with this Pringles® planter. (Pro tip: stick with plants that need minimal sunlight and won't attract pesky flies. You don't want to be that guy.)


Perfect For: That dark, dreary corner of the office. Because cacti deserve planters too!

What You Need:

1 Pringles® Tortillas can, 1 Pringles® Grab and Go! can (you should be a pro at emptying Pringles® cans by now), twine, thin wire, wire hanger, metal cutter, drill, tape, craft glue, X-Acto knife, scissors, paper, Sharpie marker, spray paint, water bottle

How You Make It:

Step 1: To start creating the base, use the X-Acto knife to trim off the entire top portion of the Pringles® Tortillas can just under the top of the ring.


Step 2: Use a piece of paper folded in half to create a stencil for the back of the base. You can choose a shape, just be sure that folding the paper in half creates a mirror image. Place the stencil on the back of the can and trace with a Sharpie. Using the X-Acto knife, trim on the Sharpie lines so you're left with the back of the Pringles® Tortilla can attached to the bottom metal ring.

Step 3: Cut the wire hanger so you're left with the one longer straight piece that runs along the bottom of the hanger. Tape the hanger to the center back of the Pringles® Tortillas can. Using the metal cutters, bend the top of the hanger to create a hook shape. Remove the tape, run a generous amount of glue along the length of the can, and adhere the wire.

Step 4: Spray paint entire hanging base. Allow to dry fully.

Step 5: To create the planter, trim the Pringles® Grab and Go! can to the desired height. Spread a generous amount of glue on the outside of the can. Use the metal rim as a guide, and begin wrapping the twine around the can, stopping every four rows to secure the twine.


Step 6: Trim the water bottle just below the height of the planter and insert as a waterproof liner.

Step 7: Once the twine is fully set and the glue is completely dry, mark a spot on the side of the planter ½" down from the top edge. Mark another hole directly across from the first mark and drill through both marks. Feed the thin metal wire through one from outside, looping in to secure. Establish a desired hanging height for the planter, loop the wire through the other hole, and secure.

Step 8: Add your plant of choice, and bask in the glory of your DIY prowess.

Now that we've shared our simple but impressive Pringles® office hacks, it's time for you to take on your own workplace makeover. So start getting your materials ready by emptying some Pringles® cans (otherwise known as snacking).

Jasmin Perez is a DIY, beauty, health, and lifestyle writer, and a social media editor for various sites.

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