Unlike spring cleaning, when people compulsively toss everything in sight, chillier weather may inspire you to refresh your home with decor upgrades. These four Pringles® can hacks are an easy way to invest some DIY energy into making your home more inviting as you prepare to spend more time indoors.

Candle Holders

Use your multitasking skills to combine crafting and snacking with this candle holder tutorial (just be sure to empty the Pringles® cans before getting your DIY on).


Perfect For: Adding festive mood lighting to any room in the house. Bonus: Test your monogramming skills to make a personalized gift.

What You Need:

2 Pringles® cans, X-Acto knife, hole punch, drill (with various brad point drill bits), large wood dowel or rod, painter's tape, marker, spray paint primer, decorative paint (spray or brush), washi tape, flameless candles

How You Make It:

Step 1: To create the base, use the X-Acto knife to trim all Pringles® cans to desired height(s).


Step 2: Use a marker to outline a design of your choice on each can. (Pro tip: Use painters tape to keep the design straight.)

Step 3: Determine which bit size you prefer and begin drilling. Follow your design carefully. Avoid pressing too hard to prevent tearing the cans. (Pro tip: Insert a wooden rod pressed firmly against the inside of the can while drilling to avoid tearing.)

Step 4: Once your perforated design is complete, spray all the cans with primer and allow them to dry thoroughly.

Step 5: Use painters tape to create a stripes pattern template, then either spray or paint with decorative color. Allow each stripe to dry completely before moving on to the next.

Step 6: Once all paint is completely dry, wrap the washi tape around the top of each can, covering any unfinished edges. Add the flameless candle, and bask in the glow of your DIY prowess.

Wrapping Paper Organizer

Do yourself a favor and keep your wrapping paper neat and intact in these Pringles® organizing tubes. It'll save you the major headache of having to buy new wrapping paper this season (because even looking at a department store around the holidays should be avoided at all costs).


Perfect for: Hosting your own present-wrapping party. (Pro tip: Wrapping presents can get tedious and frustrating, so making this party BYOB is recommended.)

What You Need:

7 Pringles Tortillas™ cans (get ready for serious snacking), decorative paper, decorative tape, X-Acto knife, ruler, adhesive spray, glue gun

How You Make It:

Step 1: Establish the size of your Pringles® can and trim the decorative paper to the correct height. Cut the paper wide enough to wrap around the can, leaving an overhang of ½". Repeat for all seven cans.


Step 2: Spray each can with adhesive and allow it to set for about thirty seconds. Carefully wrap and secure the decorative paper around each can.

Step 3: Use decorative tape to wrap the bottom of each can just above the metal rim.

Step 4: Group all cans together in a desired formation (making sure they are firmly touching) and glue each can together at the top. If necessary, use clamps while waiting for the glue to set. Once the glue has set, turn cans over and glue the bottom half together. Allow to dry.


Don't worry if you botch the soufflés at your next dinner party (you deserve serious recognition for even attempting a soufflé). Your DIY skills will overshadow any culinary blunders thanks to this rustic vase. With pebbles, mirrors, or sea glass, this Pringles® vase adds a cool touch to your tablescape.


Perfect for: Finding a purpose for all those pebbles you collected during your summer trips.

What You Need:

1 Pringles Tortillas™ can (emptied via snacking of course), pebbles (you can also include mirrors or sea glass), mortar, grout, grout sponge, rubber gloves, putty knife, X-Acto knife, 1 water bottle.

How You Make It:

Step 1: Trim your Pringles® can to your desired vase height using an X-Acto knife.


Step 2: Using a pre-mixed mortar, cover the entire outside surface of your Pringles® can. As you spread it, make sure the mortar is thick enough for the pebble to push down into the mortar.

Step 3: Immediately place the pebbles into the mortar, making sure to get a firm bond. Allow at least 24 hours for it to set completely.

Step 4: Put on rubber gloves, then use your fingers to press a pre-mixed grout into the gaps between the pebbles.


Step 5: Once the grout is thoroughly applied, dampen your grout sponge and squeeze out any excess water. Gently wipe the pebbles to remove grout remains from the surface, making sure to rotate the sponge frequently for sanitary purposes. (Pro tip: If the sponge becomes excessively dirty, rinse it and repeat as necessary until the entire vase is wiped clean of excess grout.)

Pringles® Can Obscura

Sneak a little education into your DIY with this camera obscura project. What exactly is a camera obscura? It's a dark space that allows light to pass through a small hole and into a light-proof box where it projects an inverted image of its subject onto a screen. It's a simple way to use that empty Pringles® can (or cans) sitting on your counter to get a better understanding of the principles of photography. So round up some photography buffs and get to making.

Perfect for: A gift for the budding young photographer in your life.

What You Need:

1 Pringles® can (yes, more snacking), 1 thumbtack, marker, X-Acto knife, vellum, duct tape, decorative paper or tinfoil.

How You Make It:

Step 1: Wipe the Pringles® can clean. Save the lid.

Step 2: Draw a line with the marker all the way around the can, about 2 inches up from the bottom. Trim along the line with the X-Acto knife, creating two pieces.


Step 3: Make a small hole with the thumbtack in the center of the metal end of the shorter piece.

Step 4: To make a screen onto which your image will be projected inside the can, place the lid over a piece of vellum (or wax paper). Trace the lid and and place the vellum circle over the lid. Use the lid to attach vellum to the top of the can.

Step 5: Avoid putting the can back together with the two cut ends joining. Connect the cut end from the bottom section to the lidded end from the upper section (with the vellum attached to it). Secure them in place using duct tape making sure no light can pass through.


Step 6: Wrap the entire can in duct tape, then cover it with decorative paper. Add any additional design elements using decorative tape, and start experimenting.

Now that you know how to upgrade your home with these DIY Pringles® hacks, stock up on your favorite Pringles® flavors, invite your craftiest friends over, and get snacking.

Jasmin Perez is a DIY, beauty, health, and lifestyle writer, and a social media editor for various sites.

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