The path to achieving peak tailgating form isn't so different from how football players get ready for the season — namely, hours and hours of scientifically optimized training sessions. Eventually you'll need to ditch the practice pads and diagram your tailgating game plan. Lucky for you, I've rounded up some pretty inspiring gear and accessories.

Whether you're prepping for a home game or following your team on the road, it's important to have snacks, like Pringles Tortillas™, at the ready to fuel your creativity. No one ever made tailgate — or football — history on an empty stomach.

For the ultimate tailgating party, you don't want to settle for second-string seating options like saggy lawn chairs and rickety stools. You'll want to be sitting on something sturdy enough to hold your weight as it increases due to tailgate snack ingestion.

Cruzin Cooler

Watching the game from truck bed couches? That's so boring. The real action is on these souped-up coolers that can hit top speeds of up to 13 miles per hour, making them a solid backfield option for certain teams. The scouting report on these little guys say they've got great intangibles, a solid motor and an underrated ability to turn the corner (loud video warning).


Hot Tubs

There's some debate over who invented the mobile hot tub, but there's nothing stopping enterprising fans from building their own for the ultimate in tailgating luxury (flippers optional). And for extra style points, try driving to the game while inside your hot tub.


Everyone knows that bigger is better when it comes to football. The same goes for finding the right tailgating TV.

C SEED 201

You know those sizing charts that show whale sharks dwarfing everything else around them? Well the C SEED outdoor television is the whale shark of TVs with its 201-inch screen and powerful LED display making it bright enough to watch in daylight. This thing is so big that it has to be stored underground, limiting it to home party use only. Just be careful tossing the pigskin nearby because everyone knows screens don't go easy on defense.


No tailgating party is complete without a way to keep your various drinks cool and refreshing, and you won't find better choices than these. Just remember to drink responsibly.


These days, it's hard not to be bored by products with only one use. Phones are video cameras, tight ends are receivers (kind of), and now, coolers rock out with 600 watts of music. With 10 hours of battery life and wireless connectivity, this cooler does everything but choose your music for you.



Everyone cares about how they look, even (or perhaps especially) behemoth football players. Indulge your vanity by hoisting your drinks in these 3-lb beer koozies to help burn off those extra calories and sculpt your biceps. Oh and they also float, making them the perfect complement to that mobile hot tub that you're already building.


Party Bar

Of course you can always go with the nuclear option and just convert an entire trailer into a bar like these guys. It seats 14 and holds 70, so it's safe to assume that it carries a whole lot of libations. We're guessing there might be some assembly required.


This motley crew might not get playing time at a traditional party, but a savvy tailgater like yourself can recognize a hidden gem when you see one.

Truck Pool

Playing pool is fun. Tailgating is fun. Now if only there was a way to combine the two with a truck-pool table hybrid dream vehicle... Well, you're in luck because this beautiful monster exists for your tailgating pleasure.



Warm beers are like players stuck in the doghouse — nobody wants to get near them. But here's a handy extension that snaps onto a can or bottle and connects it to a cordless drill. Spinning the beer in ice can drop the temperature by 30 degrees in a minute and somehow doesn't cause foaming or unsightly spraying. Science!


You might say that you eat and breathe football, but, trust me, these are much tastier options.

The Texas Legend

You have to admire the mind that one day thought, "I'm going to build a giant trailer pit shaped like a locomotive." The Texas Legend comes equipped with a monstrous cooking chamber, smoke boxes, side grills, multiple storage areas and there's even a four-foot spice rack. If you've ever wanted to cook enough turduckens to feed an entire offensive line, this is the method of food prep for you.


Blacktop 360 HFI Premium Party Hub

Sometimes you have to work with limited space, but don't let that get in the way of simultaneously grilling burgers and hot dogs while frying onion rings and toasting buns with this handy Swiss Army-style grill. In theory you could also throw some vegetables on there but I'm pretty sure nobody's ever actually tried that before.


The Go Plate

For those of us not gifted with unnaturally sticky mitts, it's not easy juggling your beverage and all those sweet, salty snacks you want to eat — unless you have one of these ingenious plate holders.


Football Fudge Pies, Watermelon Fruit Helmets, Pennant Cookies

There are hundreds of tailgating recipes that deserve to be eaten, and it turns out that nearly anything can be made in the shape of a football. If you think that's impressive, then you haven't seen what's possible with a boatload of Pringles Crisps®, Pringles Stix®, queso, guacamole and other assorted snacks: a snack stadium.


When you're aiming for tailgating history, it's wise to build your party around a sizable stash of Pringles Crisps®. Not only is it the right snack to feed your entire team, but there are literally a million ways (I counted) the cans can up the ante on your party. Need a set of portable phone speakers? Bam, Pringles has got you covered. How about a quick round of mini Pringles golf at halftime? Maybe you're streaming the game and need to boost your Wi-Fi signal? Or perhaps, like me, you've been dreaming of a victory rocket to shoot off when your team emerges triumphant. Yep, the amazing Pringles can has your back once again.


Now go forth, trick out your tailgating regimen, and grab some Pringles Tortillas™, to get those creative juices flowing. Your victory dance isn't going to choreograph itself.

Matt Marquez is a former editor at, and is now a contributing writer to Jay-Z's @LifeandTimes and other outlets.

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